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What Season Should You Pick for a Wedding?

Can wedding season really be every season? We say, yes it can. There are benefits to planning a wedding in each season. A winter wedding can be white and mystical while a summer wedding can be tropical and outdoors. Weddings are all about the details from the venue to the food to the choice of a band or DJ. Picking a particular season for your wedding can heighten the experience or hurt it. Here are some pros, cons, and things to consider when picking your wedding season.


Not many people are going on holidays in the spring, making it easier for people to save the date for a spring wedding. In spring, the flowers are blossoming and colours are coming to life, making it the perfect setting. The sunlight in the spring is less harsh so taking photos outside will not ever be an issue unless you are faced with a classic spring rain shower. Neutral and soft colours are a must in the spring including table décor, bridesmaid dresses, or flower colour choices. Like summer, vendors can be limited in the spring as couples secure their dates. Plan and book early to secure all the vendors you would like!


You’re not going to need a heavy winter coat for summer! Rain or shine, summer weddings are versatile in the venue, decorations, food, and more. The possibilities are endless! In summer, there are more hours of daylight, giving your ceremony and reception flexibility on start and end time. When night falls, the temperature gets more comfortable making summer the perfect time for night receptions. However, the summer heat can be distracting and difficult for both you and your guests. Additionally, flowers are in full bloom, vendors are ready for the wedding season, and more venues are open to hosting events. However, many people decide to have their weddings in the summer which can drive up the prices of hiring caterers, venues, bands/DJs, etc. You may have to book your date farther in advance and plan everything early to secure the items you want for your special day. Conker Events is here to help you do just that and manage all the little to big details.


Changing colours, falling leaves, and cooler weather starts in autumn making it a perfect time for a wedding. Autumn is dependable and has many possibilities for dark or light coloured themes, diverse catering options, and fantastic venue locations. Autumn has many of the same benefits as spring and summer, without the harsh conditions of wintertime. However, like winter, the holidays are approaching meaning people might have tight schedules and they might be saving money for upcoming plans. Get your save the date out early so guests can prioritize!


Winter is the perfect season to have hot drinks at your wedding, a fresh blanket of snow, and dimmed mood lighting or fireplaces. Your venue will be indoors, therefore you don’t have to worry about weather conditions during the ceremony or reception. However, you do have to consider the driving and walking conditions for guests attending the wedding. Snow and ice are pretty, but not when wearing heels. Another conflict with having a winter wedding is it can conflict with holidays and guests may be out of town. You’ll want to send your invites further in advance so people can book out time for your special day. Even though you may have to add an extra jacket or layer to your dress to stay warm, winter weddings are great because it is not the traditional wedding season which makes everything more affordable and budget-friendly. You have more creative freedom with winter weddings to experiment with dark colours or unique catering options. Your wedding may be better than everyone’s holiday celebrations!

There are benefits to having a wedding in any season. Conker Events works year-round to ensure your wedding day is everything you have dreamt of. Summer, spring, winter, or autumn, we want to plan your big day.


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