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Event Planning Tips for Designing Tables

There is a lot to consider when planning table designs. Tables are all about the tiniest of details. Who knew there were so many shapes of glassware? We are here to help you pick out what you need for your event. We have experience planning tables for charity fundraisers, weddings, corporate events, and private parties. A table is an easy, unique way to impress your guests and pull your event together. Here is a complete list of tips and things to consider when planning your event tables.

Consider Outdoor or Indoor venues

Do you want things hanging from the ceiling? Are you worried about menus or place setting cards blowing away in the wind? These are both things to consider when planning if your tables are inside or outside. The benefit of being inside or having a tent is utilizing the ceilings to hang flowers or lights above your tables which reduces clutter on the table itself. The benefit of the outside is the natural scenery to set the mood. However, to have outside tables, you must make sure your table settings won’t blow away or are practical for the weather.

Photo via One Fab Day

Seating Arrangements/Style of Table

There are lots of different shapes to consider for your tables. There are round tables, picnic tables, bistro/café tables, and trestle tables as well as many different arrangements you can place the tables in. Tables can be put in banquet-style seating, family-style seating, auditorium seating, classroom seating, U-shape seating, hollow square seating, or cocktail-style seating. It is important to pick the right style of table for your venue and the right seating arrangement catered to your audience and what you’ll be doing at the event.


Candles are one of the easiest ways to elevate your table design. Candles can be scented or non-scented, battery-powered or flame-lit, and simple or decorative. Specific shapes of candles include from include pillar, taper/dinner, or votive. If that wasn’t enough to consider, you can also pick the material of your candle and the burn time of the candles.

Photo via Jai Maharashtra Cargo Movers

Place Cards

If you have assigned seating, place cards are a creative element that can be personalized to your event. They can be physical cards, or you can make them a unique party favour. We love the idea of using objects like flowers, old Victorian keys, wine corks, paper cutouts, seashells, or glasses of champagne to display the names of your guests on the tables.

Photo via Veranda

Table Numbers

Like place cards, table numbers can be highly personalized for your event. Table numbers can be a part of the centrepiece or be by themselves. They can be bright coloured or simple as well as match the place cards and menus.

Photo via the Big Wedding Store

Dinner Menus, Napkins & Cutlery

Having a menu is nice for guests who get to pick from a variety of food options. You can personally design your menus to match your place cards and table numbers for a uniform look, or you can keep them simple, white, and delicate so they don’t overpower the other elements of the table.

Don’t just settle for simple paper napkins! Napkins can be a variety of patterns and colours as well as folded in many different shapes. Using napkin rings for your table can also elevate your design.

Not all forks and knives need to be silver right? Cutlery comes in many colours and styles to fit your event. We love a shiny gold cutlery set or a Victorian-style plated silver cutlery set.

Photo via Exquisite Flowers and Decor Hire

Glassware, Plates & Table Clothes

We promise picking out water glasses and wine glasses is not boring. There are many glass shapes and colours to choose from that can add a pop of colour to your table. Wine glasses can be clear, wide or narrow, have a pattern on the stem, or be tied with a ribbon.

Salad plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, oh my! Plain white plates are our staple go-to for table settings, but coloured plates can add a refreshing design to your table against a white tablecloth.

Don’t be scared to go for a simple white tablecloth or a bright and bold pattern. You should debate whether you want table runners down the middle or a tablecloth to cover the whole table.

Photo via Chair Covers Candelabra


Last but not least, the star of the show, the centrepieces! A centrepiece can be as wild or simple as your heart desires. Something to consider is the size of your centrepiece as it could block people’s view of the event or of each other at the table.

This list just made planning tables that much easier! Whether you have family coming over for dinner on Sunday or have a large charity gala, the table brings people together to make memories and share a laugh. Contact us for more information on planning tables for your next event. We are happy to help!


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